An Elegant Seasoned UX Designer

Hello, I'm Stephanie 👋 salut

Hello, I'm Stephanie salut

Principal UX designer

I support teams to design accessible and inclusive products that meet user needs and business goals. My key strengths lie in product strategy, interaction design, and web accessibility.

Passionate about people and technology, I believe that everyone deserves good design. I also share articles about web accessibility that I select and publish frequently.

I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in my free time, I am a Door Hunter and a mix-media artist.

How can I help you?

 I have 15 years of experience working on the end-to-end design process, from research and strategy, through to the execution, launch, and improving the products based on people's feedback and data collection. My key strenghts are:

Product Strategy Icon

Product Strategy

Are you looking to improve your website or app? I like to start to analyze your business goals, study your competitors, do some UX auditusability testings, and build user journeys. I need to understand what and where the pain points are before trying to solve them. Yes, I like to challenge assumptions!

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Research & Design

I design elegant and intuitive user-centric products for desktop and mobile. I use iterative design to create or refine a product. I collaborate on the information architecture and develop interactive prototypes. I also prepare design systems to communicate with product teams.

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Web Accessibility

I am passionate about understanding the users I'm designing for, and I continually strive to incorporate accessibility elements into my work to ensure that all users can benefit from inclusive design. I also do accessibility audits and review the inclusivity of design from early to pre-prod stages.

Case studies

While preparing the IAAP certification, I'm currently helping a non-profit to comply with WCAG 2.0 standards. The upcoming case studies will present my journey optimizing the website to meet accessibility standards.

DemocratyLab's about page being audited with WAVE


10 min read

Accessibility Audit

How an accessibility audit has helped DemocracyLab to improve the user experience and inclusivity of their website.

Side Projects


A11y Toolbox
Personal blog about accessibility

A11Y Toolbox is a blog I created to demystify the WCAG standard guidelines and help designers and non-designers be more aware of accessible design stakes and benefits.
Discover A11Y Toolbox

Blush home in French
UX copy for localization

Blush is a web tool and plugin to create and customize stunning illustrations. I felt in love with the project, so when the cofounder, Pablo Stanley, was looking for a French translator, I offered my help :-)
Discover Blush en français !

Let's work together blue rocket

Let's work together blue rocket

I'm always happy to discuss Design, hear about your next big idea or just have a spirited debate about how The Good Place should have ended.

‘Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does’ – David Carson

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