Hello, I'm Stéphanie Lespérance 👋 salut

Hello, I'm Stephanie salut

I'm an Accessibility Designer with a Creative Direction background.

There’s no good design that isn't accessible - that is what I learned from my experience when I moved to a new country. As a continuous learner, I've specialized in Web Accessibility to build elegant inclusive products or services.

With over 15 years of experience, I use both research and creative thinking to develop design strategies that meet business goals and user needs.

To help designers build more accessibly, I also share hand-curated resources on AY11-Toolbox. I currently live in the Seattle area, and in my spare time, I am a Door Hunter.


I have 15 years of experience delivering successful cross-media projects for various industries (Hardware Security, Real Estate, High End Fashion, Tourism, or Lifestyle), oftentimes from the ground up to the final products and services. I specialize in:


Product Strategy

I run competitive analysis, use competitor products, and usability testing data to dive deep into real problems users have. This process allows me to look for opportunities to offer something better, fresher to users that align with the business vision.


Research & Design

I use iterative design based on data and feedback to create or refine products or services. I also collaborate with dev teams to deliver design specifications: user flows, interactive prototypes, or design systems. 


Web Accessibility

I am passionate about understanding the users I'm designing for, and I continually strive to incorporate accessible components into my work. I also enjoy sharing my insights with others to improve the output across products.

Case studies

DemocratyLab's about page being audited with WAVE


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Accessibility Audit

A case study about my experience of learning how to measure the accessibility of web components.



Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

Volume Panel Redesign

When one of your UC Berkeley UX course project leads you to meet the company's CEO of the project you worked on!

Side Projects

Screen copy of A11Y Toolbox website. There are 6 cards. Each card is composed with an illustration and a short description of the resource that is linked.

A11y Toolbox
Personal project about accessibility

A11Y Toolbox provides a collection of accessibility resources, tools, and plug-ins for Designers. The project is based on WordPress with a custom Bootstrap theme. It helps to keep my HTML/CSS skills up to date.
☛ Discover A11Y Toolbox

Blush home in French
UX copy for localization

Blush is a web tool and plugin to create stunning illustrations. I felt in love with the project, so when the cofounder, Pablo Stanley, was looking for a French translator, I offered my help :-)
☛ Discover Blush en français !

Let's work together blue rocket

Let's work together blue rocket

I'm always happy to discuss Design, hear about your next big idea, or just have a spirited debate about how The Good Place should have ended.

“Accessibility allows us to tap into everyone’s potential.” – Debra Ruh

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