Portrait of Stéphanie wearing a Defiant Jazz t-shirt, a node to the Severance series.

Hello, I'm Stéphanie.
I'm a Product Designer, problem-solver & accessibility advocate.

Over the last decade, I've collaborated with cross-functional teams to create human-centered products and services. My design practice combines product strategy, user research, and creative thinking to develop design solutions that meet business goals and all user needs. 

I currently collaborate with a startup in the publishing industry, where I have the rare opportunity to combine my passion for digital and literature.

To help designers grow accessible design solutions, I share hand-curated resources on AY11-Toolbox. I currenlty live in Seattle, WA and I am a Door Hunter in my spare time.


I have 15 years of experience delivering successful cross-media projects for various industries, oftentimes from the ground up to the final product. I specialize in:


Product Strategy

I run competitive analysis, UX audits, and usability testing data to dive deep into issues users encounter. This process is an opportunity to develop a better user experience that aligns with the business vision.


Research & Design

I use iterative design based on data and feedback to create or refine design products, and I collaborate with dev teams to deliver design specifications: user flows, interactive prototypes, or design systems. 


Web Accessibility

I am passionate about understanding the users I'm designing for, and I continually strive to incorporate accessible components into my work. As an accessibility advocate, I share my insights to improve product outputs.

Case studies

DemocratyLab's about page being audited with WAVE

Accessibility Audit

A case study about my experience of learning how to measure the accessibility of web components.
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes


Volume Panel Redesign

When one of your UC Berkeley UX course project leads you to meet the company's CEO of the project you worked on!
Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

Side Projects

Screen copy of A11Y Toolbox website. There are 6 cards. Each card is composed with an illustration and a short description of the resource that is linked.

A11y Toolbox
Personal project about accessibility

A11Y Toolbox provides a collection of accessibility resources, tools, and plug-ins for Designers. The project is based on WordPress with a custom Bootstrap theme. It helps to keep my HTML/CSS skills up to date.
☛ Discover A11Y Toolbox

Blush home in French

UX copy for localization

Blush is a web tool and plugin to create stunning illustrations. I felt in love with the project, so when the cofounder, Pablo Stanley, was looking for a French translator, I offered my help :-)
☛ Discover Blush en français !

Let's work together blue rocket

Let's work together blue rocket

I'm always happy to discuss Design, hear about your next big idea, or just have a spirited debate about how The Good Place should have ended.


"Design is nothing but journey." - Rakesh Patwari

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